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Az őszi vadászatokon lehetőséget tudunk biztosítani szarvastehén és borjú kilövésre.

Az árlistától eltérően!  A borjú 100 Eu / db a tehén 120 Eu / db.

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Dear Visitor!

You would like to introduce our website and familiarize hunting:

* Area
* Game,
* Game management.

The Vajszló founded in 2010 and its surroundings landowner hunting. Landowner basis. This company was the predecessor of 2004. Hunting ground of the company's 15 000 ha, with the associate members. with 33% of the forest, 42% agriculture, 25% were excluded from cultivation. Erdősült nature of the big games area, where the

* Red Deer,
* Boar
* Deer

the dominant wild game. Less habitat for small game, but also in areas vadfácános patches occur. Reared pheasant hunting can provide outsourcing at all. (6000 pcs / year)

Puskavégre is 70-80 per year ... .... fantastic red deer stag, wild boar hunting ... ... 500. boar d, and 70-80 ... .... Roebuck is discussed, there are a fair number of copies of Antlers medalist as well. You can also view our photo gallery hunting antlers albumképeinkben. In particular, the GIM Ormánság trophies spend our pride, which are available here!

The annual big game Tableware bérvadásztatások sell about half of the framework on which hunting or. hunting license to welcome you, pretty pictures gallery indicators: the accusations wildlife, hunting, shooting custom images, vendégvadászatokról, shoots and terítékekről the hunting life, - its our pleasure to show our visitors! Hunter video rovatunkban collected quite a few great vadászfilmet!

We believe that useful information will be hunting, the landowner hunting Vajszló website and its surroundings, and they help you hunting and other recreational programs, selection-Selye Vajszló Ormánság the company and get to know.

We love to hunt, hunt with us!

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